Monday, November 1, 2010

King of the Scarlet Sole

With Monsieur Louboutin on Friday the 29th of October at the opening of his boutique in Harbour City Tsimshatsui (his second boutique in HK), amongst a crowd of Louboutin-wearing, Hermes-toting, blow-dried, well- dressed tai- tais, who behaved like a pack of animals elbowing, clawing and grunting just to touch him.  After the new shop was unveiled, Monsieur Louboutin went inside to have his photos taken. When he returned outside, the  madness continued. Some women took off their Louboutins, shoved them in his face and asked him to sign the soles.
Louboutin was being hurried by his handlers (they were whisking him off to Kee Club for dinner) but he was kind enough to pose for pictures with us. Shame, I really wanted to have a conversation with him but his handlers insisted that they had to leave.

Louboutin: 'Do you realise you're not in the photo'?
Me: 'Who cares'?!

With my fabulous +1, Mr. Joey Ma

Bridget's Back Ankle Boots

L to R: Big Lips Studded Booties and Fifi Strass

L to R: Maralena, Sexy Sling Spiked Stiletto, Clou Noeud Spikes  

Metropolis Boots


  1. Im so jealous...jejeje!!*
    Great pics!!
    I love your headband!!


  2. lmao.
    LOVE your description of the blow-dried, Hermes-toting tai-tais...
    but you didn't mention your drunkenness, luv...

  3. well darling i decided to drink your share of champagne cos you went halloween shopping first!!!