Sunday, March 21, 2010


Another great collection from Mr. Yamamoto. If only sportswear looked as stylish as this when I was in high school. 
After a near disastrous start to the evening- the cab dropped me off at the wrong venue resulting in me running- yes, RUNNING- in 4 inch heels-  to the correct venue. It could only happen to me, I thought to myself but as soon as I met up with my friend who got to the venue before me, he complained that he was also dropped off a few blocks away. We hit the bar immediately. 'How dare those cab drivers conspire against us', we bitched, and proceeded to people watch.
It was refreshing to see HK people giving it some in the style stakes. As to be expected, there were a lot of people in black. I was wearing black. Nothing else beats black. Yohji Yamamoto does a lot of black.
This was an edgy crowd that you don't normally see walking along Central or Tsimshatsui, Mong Kok or Causeway Bay. You could've been forgiven for thinking that you were in Tokyo instead of HK. I would like to see this crowd resurface once in a while and remind us all that HK is not just full of  tai-tais running amok in their LV's and Fendis,  that underneath all this  is a legitimate crowd of people who truly know their fashion and how it should be worn.


  1. I would have loved some pics of the people you mention in cool edgy clothes.

  2. i attempted to take pictures with my (crappy) camera and most of the pictures came out blurred. anyway, i posted a couple of photos- i adjusted the exposure/ contrast so that they can be seen somewhat clearly.

  3. Thanks for the pics they are good. You know what? Actually I see this kind of crowd in TST (Canton Road area)shopping quite often there.