Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Vogue afternoon

13 March 2010

It's Saturday and Iʼm sat at home working my way through a stack of Vogue magazines that I have criminally neglected over the last few months. The phones are switched off, a bottle of Perrier-Jouet and a few packets of cigarettes on the ready - this is serious business...

Rewind a couple of evenings ago, a good friend and I were at an event at Lane Crawford to welcome the arrival of the Spring/Summer 2010 collections. The evening started out well, champagne and cosmo in hand, we worked the merchandise floor. There were a few --> ok, A LOT <-- of items that I wanted for myself  (see my MARCH WISH LIST).

On the main floor was Michael Costiff's fashion installation which featured vintage designer
clothing and fashion pieces that he had collected over the years through travelling. There was a masai beaded neckpiece teamed with a Dries van Noten tribal print dress. Just beautiful.

Onto the menswear floor where Kim Jones, creative director of Dunhill, was holding court. Fi
rst, a senior PR exec at Lane Crawford gave me a quick run through of Kimʼs take on this seasonʼs menʼs collection, which he beautifully divided into 4 sections (Saville Row, Japan & Beyond, Futurists and Wardrobe Staples) and finally I got introduced to Kim. We chatted about him joining Dunhill, the opening of the Dunhill shop in Prince's Building in Central and Jude Law being the face of the brand. I honestly could not remember the rest of the conversation as I was on my 4th glass of cosmo at this point (empty stomach too, bar from a few pieces of scallops). However, I do remember spilling my cosmo on his shoe. 


As far as introductions go, I couldnʼt have embarassed myself any further than that. Luckily, Kim saw the funny side and we moved onto other topics. Somewhere, somehow Lee McQueen was mentioned and Kim looked visibly upset. He mentioned that they worked together a few years ago and that he still could not believe that Lee was dead. I donʼt know if it was because Kim was getting upset or I was badly needing a refill (and a cigarette) but I decided to exit stage left.

What is it with me upsetting designers?

A few evenings ago, after a boogie and a few
bottles of vodka, a friend and I were looking for somewhere to eat along Wyndham Street. I remember hearing the clack-clacking of heels along the pavement and because it sounded almost desperate I looked up and my friend and I came face to face with a famous jewelry designer. We exchanged hellos and made small chitchat when my friend asked him if he used to live in Shanghai. Designer guy gave my friend a filthy look. To diffuse the situation, ( what I was diffusing, I didnʼt know- it was a simple, straight-forward question) I decided to mention that I had met him briefly at an event at OnPedder and what followed bordered on the surreal. He yelled at the top of his voice -  

ʻI have never ever been to OnPedder! And you! (pointing at my friend) how dare you point out that Iʼm from the mainland!ʼ 

Designer guy did a quick shoulder snap, looked at his hangers-on and all three of them stormed off. My friend and I were left standing on the pavement scratching our heads.
Later on in the week at another event, I was told that designer guy is actually quite nice. I am not convinced - coke turns bitches into even bigger bitches.

So back to my stack of Vogue magazines. I see Tina Fey is the cover of this monthʼs American issue.....


  1. Did you manage to get something to eat after our encounter with designer guy?

  2. OOOps, I meant after 'your' encounter...