Thursday, March 25, 2010

Stella and some wisdom

Question: How much alcohol/valium can you drink/ingest to stop yourself from ripping your gum open and extracting a partially erupted and bothersome (I'm being kind here) wisdom tooth?!

Answers on a postcard, please.

I was having difficulties concentrating at the Stella McCartney cocktail party last night. The right side of my face felt as if it had been tackled by a rugby team. Kicked by a thousand mules. Slapped by a crack team of whores from Wanchai. Ugh. Sorry I shouldn't really be associating my tooth (or whores) with Stella McCartney- she'd probably tackle/kick/slap my face, too, if she comes across this.

Browsing through the collection, there were pieces that immediately caught my eye. Like this blush toned lace top, for example.

There were floral dresses in chiffon, silk and satin. There were jackets in taffeta, silk-piqué and raw silk. There were pants that were knitted and sequined and tapered. There were accessories made with raffia too. I tried on a pair of coated raffia heels in blue stripes and pranced about in the shop much to my friend's annoyance. Not our style. But I like the colour palette that Stella used and I do appreciate the collection. It's perfectly cut, very feminine and simple. View the collection here.

Done with the prancing but still struggling with my tooth, I started feeling hungry. There were cones of delicious Italian gelato, mini-cupcakes and chocolate truffles being paraded under my nose. Back and forth, back and forth. On an ordinary day I would've helped myself to one or ten. But no, my effing tooth was making the decisions last night. I couldn't swallow the champagne I was drinking without difficulty. Or even open my mouth properly.
 And some people will tell you that is actually a good thing.

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