Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Coco Paris- Shanghai-HK

Shanghai, Paris of the East, is a place that I've always wanted to visit. Even more so now with the hosting of the Universal Exposition on May 1st and the opening of the Chanel Shop at the Peninsula Hotel along The Bund. Designed by Peter Marino (award winning architect and interior designer of renowned fashion houses) the Shanghai boutique is said to mirror some elements of Madame Chanel's apartment in Paris. It is full of hand picked antiques, specially commissioned artwork from local artists and it's pi├Ęce de resistance-  the giant strands of glass beads,  an homage to Madame Coco’s signature  pearl necklace. As always, Uncle Karl has designed exclusive pieces to celebrate the opening of the shop.
Quirky and playful, expect to see these fabulous eastern inspired items in HK come June, when the Paris- Shanghai collection will be launched.


An homage to Chairman Mao, this flap bag is made of buttery soft lambskin and comes with a water- resistant removable cover- in case you get the urge to sashay in the rain!

My favourite, the Chinese lacquered doll clutch.
Knowing how clumsy I am, I'd probably nick it or crack it against something. But still, I wouldn't say no to one though....

Watch a series of short films by Karl Lagerfeld made for this collection.


  1. I would give the tip of my little finger for either the take-away box of the doll clutch. SO CUTE!!!!! :)

  2. Been to the shop darling, you'll LOVE it!