Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Riddle me this, riddle me that...


The absence of Stefano Pilati at this year's Metropolitan Opera Gala, YSL's biggest event of the year, has sparked rumours that he might be leaving the famous french fashion house.  For the last two years, he has attended the gala with Anna Wintour by his side. But neither of them made an appearance, so you can understand the rumor mill overdrive.
Pilati's selling power was questioned during Paris Fashion Week, apparently YSL's ready -to -wear line is not doing so well in the retail industry compared to it's accessories line.
So, is this how the rumour started? Pilati's absence + low sales = PPR's search for a new creative director...who knows!!!! 
Just to confuse you even more, dear reader, actress Chloë Sevigny told an interviewer she was dissapointed that Pilati 'missed his flight', while Valerie Hermann (YSL- CEO-USA) said that he was 'busy working on the next collection'. Hmmmm, defnitely a headscratcher, this one. Just like the Balenciaga/French Vogue enigma.

Chloë Sevigny shunned the traditional gown and opted for a wide legged jumpsuit with long black gloves and a long gold chain, exactly as it appeared the YSL Fall 2010 runway, bringing drama to the opera..

Ginnifer Goodwin also avoided wearing a gown and decided to wear the YSL Edition Soir 2010 black bustier and tuxedo pants instead. She then accessorised her outfit with chunky gold jewelery,  purple YSL clutch and matching strappy heels.

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