Friday, April 16, 2010

Butler & Wilson

Already freezing my ass off, I braved the cold weather (ok ok it wasn't that cold, just being a wuss, what's new) and headed off to deepest, darkest Central to attend the Butler & Wilson Retrospective at OnPedder last night. There was a fine display of custom jewelry and my friend and I were lucky enough to manhandle most of them. Yes, you read that right. Jewelry worth a bit of money tossed this way and that, wrapped and twisted around our wrists (even when they weren't supposed to go there in the first place). My friend started playing with the crystal arachnid brooches, stacking them on top of another, saying 'ooh let's pretend they're making more bejeweled baby brooches...'
I tried on a tiara for size and for a few seconds I felt powerful and important when one of the OnPedder people gave me a 'PUT. THAT. DOWN. NOW' look in a hostile but friendly way, if you know what I mean.
Joking aside, I was admiring a lot of pieces. And just like how I felt towards the Sergio Rossi shoes last week, I had this overwhelming need to take the jewelry home and 'look after them'. My poor friend was YES-ING on autocue each time I said 'oh my god, I want this. And this. No, this and maybe that one. And then maybe this together with this.....' And with champagne thrown in the mix too, game over.
We met Mr. Simon Wilson, one half of the jewelry designing duo. A very pleasant man, he asked me where I was from and I had to think hard about it for he was slightly intoxicated, slurring his words a little bit. I was also tipsy, having had one too many (on an empty tummy), so my brain had stopped working after the third re-fill. His hangers- on were staring and waiting for me to answer and when I finally did, a sigh of relief was exhaled all around- 'Hurrah!!! The asian girl didn't make an ass of herself!'

View Butler & Wilson here:

And let's not forget about the shoes!!!!

Alice in Wonderland inspired shoes by Versace

'Vampire' by Nicholas Kirkwood for Rodarte

Engin 120 by Christian Louboutin (picture courtesy of R.D)

We left OnPedder in high spirits. Merchandise and champagne- I couldn't have asked for a better way to start the evening. We decided to have one more drink at the Mandarin before dashing off to the next party- Simon Birch's Hope & Glory

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