Saturday, April 10, 2010

2 in 1

Went to the American Apparel launch at Lane Crawford last night and it was jampacked. Yes, jampacked with teenyboppers who were all 'yeah, like what you lookin at? Like, I've got loads of money supplied by daddy...' Ughhhh.
The selection of American Apparel clothes they had were okay, I mean I wasn't jumping up and down with excitement. I bumped into a friend who complained about the lack of men's underwear and the abundance of doggie-wear. There were neon leggings that would have honestly looked more at home in Mong Kok than in Lane Crawford. But that's just me. If you're a big AA fan and like their comfortable, casual and affordable clothes then head over to Lane Crawford and like, buy their, stuff...

After spending much of the time partying alongside moody teenagers and trying very hard not to elbow them in the face deliberately,  we decided that we had had enough and finished our mojitos. TAXI!!!!!!!

In contrast to the American Apparel launch, the exclusive Sergio Rossi SS2010 party at Halo was more chilled. No teenyboppers in sight, thank god! Otherwise I would've just gone to 7-11, bought myself a vodka cooler and fucked off home.
The sexy cocktail specially made for the event, Serentini, was pure lush. We managed to knock back 20 of them- seriously, they were that good.
The shoes were as equally as sexy as the cocktails and this time I was jumping up and down with excitement. There were so many pairs of shoes that I wanted to take home and 'look after'.
I thought they all needed rescuing, especially the electric blue sparkly and strappy heels that were being held hostage by this very leggy model- my friend had to restrain me and drag me to the opposite side of the lounge. I managed to speak to the legs later on and found out that we share the same shoe size, I was about to bribe her with money in exchange for the shoes when my friend caught me and dragged me back to our seat.
Other shoes that I liked were the gladiator style Rosewood suede sandals

and the fabulous Crystal cage booties. So fabulous the heels are pencil thin and are 4 1/2" high.

I wasn't allowed to take pictures but you can view the rest of the Spring Summer 2010 collection here:

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