Thursday, March 18, 2010


30 July 2010

Ok, has Marc Jacobs LOST the fucking plot?! I thought the LV New Age Backpack  was ugly, but these LV Raindrop Besace Bags are way beyond ugly. Made from, wait for it- 'coated canvass', making it completely waterproof. In other words  raincoat material. Yay.
These bags have been out for a while now and they have only just recently caught my attention. Oh and guess how much? Try HK$20,000.

15 June 2010

And so the question is: would you pay HK$ 2000+ for these pair of plastic wraparound sunglasses by Madonna and D&G when you can get the same style in Mong Kok for HK$ 100 (or less if you haggle!) To say that the entire collection is a big disappointment is being kind... but to say that it's FUGLY is being appropriate. Hey if the sunglasses fit...

3 June 2010

This is a Pedder Red x Johanna Ho Collection. It left a really bad taste in my mouth. I had to go outside for a breath of fresh air...
Wyman Wong's collection, I understood, I got, I dug....but this?!


9 April 2010

Jaysus, I didn't know they were celebrating Halloween early this year in the UK ...

Ladies, the jaundiced look is NEVER a good look.  Especially if you team it with acid bright prints. Blech.

23 March 2010

From hero to zero. 
How to degrade a Balmain military jacket?! Give it to a footballer's wife.  

This brings a whole new meaning to the word 'chav'...

1 March 2010

The LV New Age backpack. At US$54,000 a pop- it had better clean your house, make your dinner, iron your clothes, wash your dishes and wipe your ass.


  1. Money doesn't equal great style.

  2. 1. who the hell is joanna ho?
    2. ew....especially to the ruffled pirate ship

  3. are you from HK? johanna ho is a local fashion designer. ive never heard of her till i came across this HIDEOUS shoe collaboration.

  4. i think these gimmick lovelies are aimed for the china market - so long as it is branded and it's obvious ....keerching, keerching in Asia, Sale dumpbin for the rest of the world!
    as for the pedder collabo - clearly they could not afford a decent local heavy weight, so they opted for someone...just anyone! omg!!!