Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pandemonium [pan-duh-moh-nee-uhm], n. 1. a place of anarchy. 2. wild confusion, commotion, chaos.

The poet John Milton coined Pandemonium as 'the capital of hell' in his poem Paradise Lost. I guess you could say that the 3 major H&M stores in HK were exactly that today- the capital of hell.

My fellow fashion bloggers and I watched from our 'ringside seats' as men and women decimated the Lanvin pour H&M section this morning. There were people tripping over tulle dresses, fighting over embellished t-shirts and buying shoes that were 5 times bigger than their shoe-size! There were people just grabbing stuff off the shelves without even really looking at them...and this made us all wonder.... are they genuine Lanvin lovers? Or just garden variety eBay hawkers?!??!?! 

Oh, well at least there were no stabbings!

I'd never seen anything like it. It was a fashion equivalent of supermarket sweep! A lady asked me if I was going to queue up, and to borrow the words of my friend Johannes, I  replied 'bitch, please....'

In a way, I appreciate collaborations such as this because it gives us a chance to purchase a bit of couture we can't afford otherwise...but at the same time, I would rather save up and buy something that wasn't mass- produced. There'll be a lot of cat-fights come December, the official party season. Can you imagine walking into the annual company Christmas party wearing the same dress as your colleague? Oh, the shame.

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