Monday, November 8, 2010

Off to The Dome we went

My friends and I attended DFS's 50th Anniversary Party which was held inside a specially built Dome at the old Kai Tak airport on Saturday night alongside a well-dressed crowd including Wyclef Jean and Wyman Wong (who, by the way, was wearing KTZ and a fab pair of Love/Hate-esque gold chain sunglasses which he gladly took off and handed over to me to play with!)
The event wasn't short of drama, starting with Wyclef scaling part of the dome's interior frame to jumpstart the crowd- a douchebag wrote about this later on her blog saying that she and her friend were the ONLY people dancing. Hmmmm, wonder if she and her friend had been dancing in the toilet cubicles because it was rocking where we were standing- or should I say dancing! The po-pos turned up not long after to try and shut the party down, but to no avail! Outside, there were intoxicated ladies tripping over their Louboutins and intoxicated men having imaginary fisticuffs. And then there was me crawling on the floor, dragging my vintage merchandise, looking for champagne....mon dieu...exactly how a party of this scale should be!

The evening ended early- by professional party-goer standards, but it was a great evening nevertheless sending revellers out into the night singing 'fugee la la la..'

photos courtesy of: Avey Cortes and PRQ 


  1. Shazza I heart you!! mmmmwwwaaahhhhh!! One of many more fabbosh nights to come I hope xx Love love xo

  2. aveeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyy! I <3 you too! was a fab night, still laughing at what we all got up to....