Tuesday, November 16, 2010

But is he bringing sexy back?

After a six year hiatus, Tom Ford re-emerges with a small and exclusive womenswear collection that evokes his YSL, rather than his more famous Gucci, past. Chic rather than super sexed-up.
A lot has changed over the years, now preferring discretion over excess, Tom Ford debuted his collection 2 months ago in New York in the presence of only 100 guests with Terry Richardson being the only photographer hired to take photos. The photos will be unveiled together with a film of the show, on Tom's website in December. The collection itself won't be available in his stores until early next year. So why the discretion?

I do not understand everyone’s need to see everything online the day after a show, I don’t think it ultimately serves the customer, which is the whole point of my business—not to serve journalists or the fashion system. To put something out that’s going to be in a store in six months, and to see it on a starlet, ranked in US magazine next week? My customer doesn’t want to wear the same thing she saw on a starlet!” (quote from US Vogue)


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