Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Stella Who?!

Going through twitter newsfeed a few days ago, I stumbled upon a conversation
between Stefano Gabbana- one half of the Dolce & Gabbana design duo- and his friend.  When the said friend mentioned Stella McCartney's name, Steffano replied with a 'ma chi????? la figlia del cantante?????'

The original conversation was in Italian and below is the rough translation in English...

@fabioviscovo - I LOVE Stella McCartney!
@stefanogabbana - Who ??????
@fabioviscovo- ahahaha! You don’t like Stella McCartney?!
@stefanogabbana- Who ????? The daughter of the singer ?????
@fabioviscovo - Yeeees! Stella McCartney, the designer !!!!!
@fabioviscovo– Stefanoooooooo, please !!!!! You don’t know Stella’s a designer ?????
@stefanogabbana – What’s she known for?? What’s her specialty??
@stefanogabbana- What sort of style does she do? What’s so special about it??
@fabioviscovo– She makes a lot of minimalist sequined dresses... ... .. they’re really feminine. They’re perfect for a nude look!
@fabioviscovo– Come on! You’ve got to have seen them! And although she’s really famous … she’s still an upcoming designer!
@stefanogabbana– Yeah, she’s upcoming after 15 years doing nothing!! Hahahaha
@stefanogabbana- Aaaaaaa ...... I see you appreciate nonentities!! Bravo!


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