Monday, May 10, 2010

Wang: 1 Upperhouse: 0

(Written on the 4th May 2010)

Determined to celebrate RD's birthday all week long, we met up at the Mandarin for a post natal day lunch on Tuesday. Sat between business men in their Armani/ Hugo Boss power suits, we drank champagne and bitched. We howled with laughter in between mouthfuls of Chicken Makhani and Salade Ni├žoise. Oh, the looks we got! By the time the bread and butter pudding arrived, we were wiping tears of laughter away- what we talked about I cannot share with you, of course, but just to give you an indication of how 'bad' it was, the tables on either side of us cleared pretty quickly.

Bill paid, we made our way to Harvey Nichols to buy me a Wang 'T' (heather grey racer back top). The staff were their usual disappointing self. There's always a mad scramble every time you ask them something. Last visit I made with my friend J, we asked one of the ladies on the shop floor if the T by Wang collection had arrived. She couldn't give us a straight answer, she had to look in a book that resembled an encyclopaedia and phone people up-  I could've gone and looked for it myself AND told the shop lady if they had it or not!!

Next stop was OnPedder. RD spotted a pair of Ann Demeulemeester sandals that he liked but they were a tad small. Shame, cos they looked really good on him. I, however, was perusing the Givenchy section, trying on shoes and playing with leather cuffs- the fashion accessory kind.

We were off again and this time we went 'vintage' shopping. I bought not-so-vintage tshirts by Dior Homme and Comme des Garcons and a leather denim effect Miu Miu purse. RD bought an Helmut Lang denim jacket. Oh yes, denim is big this season!

Speaking of denim, RD and I had arranged to meet the girls for apero later on in the afternoon. But before that, we made one last stop at another vintage-ey kind of shop. I saw the Alexander Wang Brenda bag in denim- it had to be bought, of course! It was calling my name! There goes our pyjama party at the Upperhouse. Sorry, RD.

Shopping over, we were hungry and dying for a 'bit' ( I use that term loosely here) of alcohol. We ended up at the Peak Bar Cafe, a nice spot in Soho for chilling out. More friends came and joined us and it ended up being a really good night. Shopping, eating, drinking and hanging out with friends....I now officially love Tuesdays.

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