Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The House That Joyce Built

What best way to spend a rainy Monday morning than to go to church.

And by church, I mean going window shopping.

In our case, it was more of a pilgrimage. It started off with a delicious brunch at the Mandarin, followed by Balenciaga at the Landmark. Loved a pair of biker trousers (denim with leather panels on the inseam, leather pockets and pleated waistband) from the 'Urban Warrior' SS 2010 collection, what stopped me from buying it was the HK$ 26, 000 price tag, of course. It is one of my favourite collections from the French fashion house- the detailing, as always, is impeccable- molded leather, vegetable-dyed leather that looks like denim from a distance, laser cut skirts, etc.... I've never been a fan of 'futuristic' fashion but Ghesquiere gets it right on the money each time and if it weren't for the hefty price tag, I'd gladly wear it everyday. The guy is a genius.View Urban Warrior Spring Summer 2010 show here:

Next along the pilgrimage trail is Dries Van Noten. Nobody does colour and print clashing like DvN. Ethnic prints and patterns are featured heavily in this season's collection. There are coats, wrap dresses, boxy jackets, and sarong skirts in a variety of fabrics that has a Southeast Asian vibe. View the clothes here:

At last, we reached our final destination- the holiest of holies- Joyce. As soon as we entered, we caught a scented whiff of lit Diptyque candles, which were beautifully illuminating one corner of the shop floor. We turned right from the main room, and entered the inner sanctum of this holy house of fashion. What greeted us was the enfant-terrible of British fashion, Alexander McQueen's 'Atlantis' collection. Heads bowed down, RD and I reverently browsed silently but excitedly. Right in the middle, on a podium, were these two dresses (see pictures below) on display. I touched the hem of the dress on the left. There was something almost holy about it. To a devout christian, this would probably be akin to touching the shroud of Turin. I felt a sense of inner peace, of calmness....or maybe it was the painkiller that I had taken earlier during the day, kicking in.

Joking aside, I couldn't help but feel sad, the world will never see talent like McQueen again. Not in a very long time. See Lee's genius one last time here:

Moving on to the main floor, Phillip Lim certainly made his presence known through his sculptural lace and organza pleated creation. I couldn't find a photo of the same dress we saw but I have attached a similar one in Ivory instead. Oh, imagine the amount of blood, sweat and tears that went into this.... View the rest of Phillip Lim's SS 2010 collection here:

Holy Lanvin and Givenchy, we are so not worthy! Both Alber Elbaz and Ricardo Tisci should be canonized. First of all, Lanvin's tucking and draping this season is crazy!!! Alber Elbaz's finest collection yet, in my opinion. Jeanne Lanvin would be so proud if she were alive.

Next Givenchy's SS 2010 'Arabian Psychedelia' collection is all about geometrical prints and nobody does it better than Ricardo Tisci. I personally like the geometric print tuxedo jacket. This collection is arabian chic at it's best and the outfits should be made de-rigueur when visiting places where they have sand. Or a small sandpit- any excuse to don one of those dresses! Watch my favourite tuxedo jacket open the Spring Summer 2010 collection here:

We definitely felt cleansed and inspired by all the clothes that we got to see and touch. If only we could have taken them all home. Being in the same room as these great designer's creations certainly felt like heaven...

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