Saturday, December 4, 2010

A cup of coffee a day keeps the loonies away...

While killing some time waiting for a friend to turn up for afternoon tea, I was at a high- end boutique perusing the shoe section on Friday afternoon. Now I'm not really a big fan of this brand but I wanted to try on a pair of studded patent kitten heels from their FW 2010 collection when I caught a lady in my peripherals staring at me. She looked vaguely familiar so I smiled and she smiled back. A few minutes later, she came over and said hi. While exchanging pleasantries, I was racking my brain, trying to think of how/when/where I met her. It turned out that we met at an OnPedder event a few months ago.  So while I was trying on the studded heels, she mentioned that she was a fan of my blog. I thanked her and after talking for another 5 minutes or so I excused myself and turned to speak to the saleslady. While I was asking the saleslady if they had the shoes in a different shade, I caught my number one fan  giving me a Manhattan once over or MOOing as they say Stateside. She was eyeing my YSL Muse Two bag in patent grey and suede leather. So I stood there and allowed her to get her fashion fix. After she was done, she said 'I don't get it...' so I answered back and said 'what don't you get?!

What happened next was a blur as I was so enraged by what she said. I left the shop and sought refuge at the W hotel where my friend was waiting. My friend asked me why I was all hot and bovvered and so I told her about my encounter with this superior race bitch at the shop and how one minute she was friendly and next minute she was making comments about how Filipinos are at the bottom of the food chain and 'can't really afford high-end luxury goods' and that my YSL bag must've been a fake. On any other day, I would've walked away and ignored the CUNT. But cunt chose the wrong day to mess with me- I was at the Lane Crawford anniversary bash the night before where I got up-close and personal with a few bottles of Veuve Clicquot, so I was nursing a very bad hangover. 

If you're going to be racist, make sure you can defend yourself. Don't act all superior race on me just because the colour of your skin is different from mine..... 

......did I mention that she was wearing a very expensive fleece-wool jacket from a top Italian brand and I had a huge cup of latte? 


  1. omg darling,
    Sorry you had to deal with a bigot who shields herself with brands, but OMG did you really latte her??!?!
    Now that ignorANUS will TOTALLY be a fanatic of your blog.

    You'll HAVE to tell me who it is~~!

  2. Seriously this racist cow needs to learn some serious manners. I'm glad she didn't get away with what she did!

  3. im glad you did that. she deserve it. its like a scene with sharon and cherie gil just in diff situation hahaha.

  4. ohhemmgeee.. the racist cunt really deserve the big cup of latte...reminds me of a sharon cuneta and cherie gil scene in a movie, just a diff. version...