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Joey Ma for ✯ ✯ ✯

What better way to end the year than with a blog crossover and a resounding fashionable BANG! in the form of HK style icon, Joey Ma. Not only is he celebrated for his love of fashion but also for his INDIVIDUALITY. To all the haters who have mocked Joey's sense of style, I pity all of you.  May the gods of fashion have mercy on your pathetic little souls.

Joey Ma's Best Buys for the Year 2010

When Sharon asked me to write a post for her blog, my first reaction was like "Oh...I don't know if I am capable of doing it or not...". As some of you might know, my blog, is just a blog of me posting my wardrobe photos. I never wrote a long post about fashion before. I did write about my thoughts on some movies that I love, however, as for fashion post, I am giving my first time to Sharon  ^_^
The main idea of this post is "Joey Ma's best buys for the year 2010". I divided my "best buys" into 5 different categories, hope you guys will appreciate what I've come up with, thank you.

"Best Buys for Tops"

I never liked anything with fur before. However, ever since beginning of the last winter, I started to like things with fur. I still have no idea why I suddenly started to like fur. All the fur stuff that I have are faux fur.
This amazing Louise Gray two tone fur jacket is the best fur jacket that I got this year. I just love it so much. I still havn't wore it out on the street yet, hopefully the weather will allow me to wear it before new year's eve ^_^.

This amazing cape is made by my favorite designer, Ziad Ghanem. And it is a one of a kind piece. I am very grateful to be able to own this piece. Thank you so much, Ziad. For more information, please visit

"Best Buys for Pants"

This crazy gold ruffles pants are from KTZ. I really need to thank Asai, the buyer of Kniq who ordered thess pants for me. I am going to wear them tomorrow on the Christmas day lol. 

This amazing leggings with fringe was a gift from Ziad Ghanem. I love the design of it so much. One side is like wearing underwear, with the other side is full of fringe thats touching the floor. The contrast is amazing.

"Best Buys for Headpieces"

 The left black headpiece is from Tomihiro Kono. I got it from . Can you guys see the crystals hanging inside the black belt stuff? This headpiece is so amazing. 
It is perfect for photo shoots.
The right one with all the long studs is also from Tomihiro Kono. I got this one from Machine-A  6 months ago. I also love the details so much. They look like blood vein. Sometimes, I just love hardcore things ^_^

"Best Buys for Accessories"

These amazing necklace and bracelets are made by Ziad Ghanem. I love the designs so much. They are just so fun to style with.

One of the best discoveries of this year would definitely be Butler and Wilson. The price of their stuff is very reasonable. As you can see from the pic, I got a lot of stuff from them. Well, the first time I bought their stuff was from OnPedder. After that, I googled the brand online and found out they are from London. And guess what, if you get their stuff in London, it's almost 50% cheaper than getting them in Hong Kong. I think it's normal for a big company like OnPedder to mark up their prices so high because they have so many employees that need to be taken care of.

"Best Buys for Shoes"


Besides the real best friends that I have in my life, shoes are my second best friend lol. I just love shoes so much! I got these amazing Givenchy sandals back in Feburary. And then in October, I got the clutch to match with these sandals lol. Givenchy has been having amazing collections for the last four seasons.I just love how Riccardo Tisci has been pushing the limits in menswear. Bravo!

I am addicted to Rick Owens's shoes so much. Rick Owens is the only designer to create men wedges shoes. My shoe size is Euro 44, therefore, it's so nice to see Rick Owens making all these shoes for men. The left pair was from S/S 10. I wore them during my birthday on Janurary. The right pair was from F/W 10. I got them in Joyce. I know I am very tall already, but I couldn't help but just love these wedges shoes so much. I've already ordered another two pairs from S/S 11 collection through

At last, these are my final "best buys" for shoes. These crazy platform sandals are created by Wali Mohammed Barrech. He is still a student at the Royal Academy in Antwerp. Graduating next year for his Bachelor Degree, and will study more for his Master Degree. Please send the best wishes to him. I hope he will become a successful fashion designer in the future.

Wow, I can't believe I am doing this. This post is finally coming to an end. I am writing this on Christmas Eve sitting here at the Peninsula Hotel Suite with the love of my life. I wish everyone merry christmas and have a great new year. And to Sharon, I love you. I am only doing this for you because ever since knowing you this year, 2010, my life has been way more exciting than before. With your invites, I've been trying to go out more and not just staying at home and taking pictures all the time. Life is short, I need to be more active. Thank you so much, Sharon.

Love always,

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