Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Round and Round They Go

Nicola Formichetti is parting ways with Mugler, the fashion house he helped revive, after just two years. Fashion purists were up in arms when he was first appointed as the label's creative director, but others viewed it as a breath of fresh air and a re-introduction of the label to a new generation. Even Lady Gaga's help was enlisted to drive the message home.

I was lucky enough to meet Nicola Formichetti (and his team) while he was out here in HK in 2011. He was funny, witty, sarcastic and we got on just fine. We spoke about his love of Parisian vintage shops, poked fun at his overly embellished iPhone cover that he had custom made in Japan and fashion in general.  
I wouldn't say the boots they'd be filing in are incredibly huge, but Mugler is yet to appoint a new creative director. There are rumours going round the fashion mill that Ghesquière
 is taking over but this remains to be seen.  

                                                     Joey Ma, Nicola Formichetti and yours truly
                                                                (photo credit: Ocassions PR)

"Nicola has accomplished our original mission of bringing his energy to the brand. With his talent for communication and understanding of modern imagery and design, Nicola has been instrumental in attracting a new audience which is undeniably crucial for the future strategy of the house. He will be a historical part of the Mugler legacy and known as the force that catapulted us forward."
                                   - Joel Palix, President of Clarins Fragrance Group and 
     Director General of Mugler

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