Friday, January 25, 2013

The Taming of the Shrew

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes,  John Galliano is back with a studio gig with
Oscar de la Renta. The deal, which lasts for three weeks, was originally brokered by the most powerful woman in fashion, Anna Wintour.

Oscar explains, 'John and I have known each other for many years and I am a great admirer of his talent...he has worked long and hard on his recovery and I am happy to give him the opportunity to re-immerse himself in the world of fashion and re-acclimate in an environment where he has been so creative. Everyone in life deserves a second chance, especially someone as talented as John. I think life is about forgiving and helping people...I think John is doing all the right things.' 

It's been a couple of years since that fateful evening when John Galliano was caught on film telling a Jewish couple that Hitler was his baby daddy. The fashion world was shocked and he was consequently banished from the House of Dior. Disgraced, he locked himself in a dark cupboard with nothing but his thoughts, his moustache and a truckload of Absinthe for company. Knowing full well that alcohol- the very thing that got him into trouble in the first place- was the last thing he needed, John drank himself silly and was said to have had  lengthy soul-searching conversations between Monsieur Dior and the green fairy.
Ok, I made up the bit about the dark cupboard. What, it's Friday night and I'm staying in. I need to entertain myself somehow! Sheesh.

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