Sunday, October 28, 2012


Of all the H&M collaborations, the one with Maison Martin Margiela may be the best one yet. The 104 piece collection (plus 6 more looks being kept under wraps) will be available worldwide in a few weeks. The collection is a re- edition of MMM's iconic pieces over the last 23 years since the label's launch. The house stayed true to its edgy minimalist identity, so expect a lot of voluminous, asymmetrical and androgynous silhouettes. Best of all, you get to buy them at H&M prices.

The Lucite heels are back!!!!!!!! 

The worldwide launch party kicked off in New York a few day ago, and as usual, it was flocked by celebs wearing pieces from the collaboration. 

Kanye West wearing the expensive looking
 camel overcoat from the collection.

I wonder what kind of pandemonium this collection will bring once H&M opens their doors. Buy your camping gear folks and apply for that sick leave, the queue for this will be a loooooong one. 

In the meantime, while you're waiting for the official launch, you can all salivate over this:

                            MMM by H&M launches worldwide on the 15th of November.


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