Friday, June 18, 2010

A Chanel Odyssey

If you happened to be walking along Queen's Road in Central on Thursday evening at around 6pm and couldn't get past the media carnival camped outside Joyce, then that was because the Chanel spaceship (I say space ship as the collection is truly out of this world!) had landed. Yes, the special and exclusive Chanel boutique in collaboration with Joyce featuring the unique Métiers d'Art Paris- Shanghai collection was unveiled on Thursday night amidst the crowd of local celebrities, socialites and, well, common people like me. 

I was more than happy to receive the invite a few days days ago and immediately made a mental wardrobe dash-through, pairing outfits with accessories in my head. In the end, I settled for a white Calvin Klein shift dress that's been sitting in my wardrobe for a while now. I hardly ever do minimal- always favouring and championing the bedraggled look- so this was a new, yet momentary direction for me. Hey, anything for Madame Chanel.

This is the eight edition of the Métiers d'Art collection with Shanghai being the inspiration. There are references to Manchu, Mongolian imperial and communist China mixed with the Chinese glitz and glamour of the 30's. Uncle Karl kept to a specific palette of red, navy, royal blue, black, and jade green. The museum- worthy pieces are exquisitely crafted and the detailing is just awesome. There are beautifully and delicately embroidered coats with mandarin collars. Fur trimmed jackets with 'terracota warrior' sleeves. Qipao dresses have also been updated and given a Chanel interpretation.

The accessories are as equally as stunning as the clothes. And this is why I love the Métiers d'Art series. The house of Chanel has taken responsibility in helping preserve the dying breed of traditional hand skilled artisans and master craftsmen in Paris.

This collection is far too fierce for words so instead, I will let the images speak for themselves.

The over the knee boots are featured heavily in this collection and they come in felt, leather and embroidered silk.

After all the champagne had been drunk and the last of the canapés eaten, we decided to go for a quick vietnamese fix in Nha Trang on Wellington before going subterranean for the after- party on Wyndham, where we rubbed shoulders with the weird and wonderful. 

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